Poly Calcul Mobile – Application developed with the Xamarin Technology

After months of intensive work, I can show you my first mobile application developed with Xamarin technology which is a "new" way to create some cross-plateform applications (Windows, Android, Mac, Iphone, etc...) with the C# code and the .NET Framework.

Poly Calcul is a Mathematical application which can make instantaneous calculations about multiple shapes with some parameters that you know.. This application can do that over 45 shapes like triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, Archimedean solids, Platonic solids, pyramids, prisms, sphere, circle, ellipse, cone, etc. This application come to replace my old first app in computer science, Poly Calcul for windows developed with Visual Basic 6, 12 years ago.

Currently available for Android only.

Official Website :  http://polycalcul.kevingermain.com

Play Store Page :  Poly Calcul Android